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F.U.N Lacquer Summer 2016 Collection

Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna show you six sparkling beauties from F.U.N Lacquer Summer 2016 Collection. Interested? Then welcome to my post ;)

As I have already said collection contains six shades and they are all holo. Yay! There is no better time for holographics than sunny summer days. Besides holo shimmer five of six polishes also contain different colored shimmer that gives your nails metallic touch.

For swatches I used two coats + top coat except for one shade, because we have a one-coater in this collection :3

Blazing Romance is a tender pink with gold shimmer that brings a warm note to this shade.

Let The Sea Set You Free is a sky-blue holo with gold, pink and cyan shimmer – cheerful and bright shade that I personally find the most summery in this collection.

Positive Vibes is a deep dark green shade with purple and gold shimmer particles. It reminds me of shady, dewy and cool spruce forests.  

Rainy Day In Barcelona is a pastel lilac with gold-lime shimmer that make together very unusual combination.

Wearing Heels With Cocktails is a cold toned raspberry rose shade with blue and gold shimmer flakes. Blue shimmer gives this polish a purple tone in some kind of lightings.

And the last but not least polish in this collection is Starry Night Of The Summer. This one does not have any other shimmer but holographic. It’s the second release of this shade, but since I don’t have the first version I’m incredibly happy to have this v. 2.0 in my collection. Why? Because it’s absolutely amazing navy blue shade with teeny-tiny holo fireworks in it! Rainbow sparkles really FITS this shade, but it's equally beautiful in direct light, scattered light and shade. Aaaand... It's ONE-COATER! Yaaaassss! I’m in love with this polish and it’s definitely my favorite shade in this collection.

The F.U.N Lacquer Summer 2016 collection launches on July 2nd 11 PM Singapore time. Price per bottle is 11,90 $. You can find these summer treasures at F.U.N Lacquer official site or at stockist.

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