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F.U.N Lacquer Simplynailogical Collection

I believe there is no person in nail society who hasn’t ever heard about Cristine aka Simply Nailogical. Holosexual queen of fancy nail arts always makes my day (and not only mine for sure) with her youtube tutorials full of humor. I expected from F.U.N Lacquer and Cristine collaboration something filled with colorful holo rainbows and I was right :)

Polishes come in gorgeous sparkling holo boxes, that was unexpected but at the same time so natural for the Simply Nailogical Collection. We have inside three shades in two versions (glitter and glitter with linear holographic pigment): vivid electric blue (How Deep Is Your Holo?), cold toned fuchsia (Holo Queen) and just a bit greyish black (Black Holo Witch).

All polishes contain their particles in clear base so you will need three coats of regular application OR one layer with brush plus one layer with sponge. I’ve tried three layers for How Deep Is Your Holo?, but since I don’t really enjoy thick coats on my nails, I switched to sponging.
One more thing about application: these beauties are greedy top coat eaters. Sometimes I needed three thin layers of top coat to get smooth surface on my nails. You also can try thicker layers or top coat with thick gellish texture but be prepared for air bubbles in this case (they’re not so noticeable in the real life due to polishes texture though).

I applied all the polishes on peel-off base, so I can’t really tell you anything about removing these polishes from regular base, but I’m sure it’s a tricky process as well as removing all glitters which were applied without special base. So I highlly recommend you not to be cruel to your nails and use peel-off base :)

The first one I’ve tried (and my favorite one) was How Deep Is Your Holo?. Sadly it’s almost impossible to capture the real beauty of this shade on photos. The name fits the polish itself for 100%: it’s incredibly deep but very bright at the same time. It’s probably the most beautiful blue polish I’ve ever had in my collection.

How Deep Is Your Holo?

How Deep Is Your Holo? (H) is a bit lighter, silver looking (because of holo shimmer) and has more rainbowish holo effect (what is pretty much obvious).

How Deep Is Your Holo? (H)

I’m not a pink/red toned polish lover myself but I still admire the beauty of Holo Queen. Its magenta tone looks cold because glitter sparkle blue and purple. Again holo version is more cold, sparkly and colorful because of silver toned holographic pigment.

Holo Queen

Holo Queen (H)

Black Holo Witch is a tricky one, because it’s almost impossible to see the difference between the holo version and the original version in halogen light. I realized it only during editing my swatches, so I made a photo of swatch sticks with not so aggressive light and not so acute angle to show you guys this hard-to-notice difference.

Left Black Holo Witch (H), right Black Holo Witch 

They both have amazingly colorful holo effect even though they’re actually black. It’s a unique shade and I think I’ve never seen something like this before.

Black Holo Witch 

Black Holo Witch (H)

Simplynailogical Collection was launched today on www.funlacquer.com, so it’s perfect time to grab your very own piece of holo rainbow :3

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