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F.U.N Lacquer — Spring 2016 collection

Today is the day when F.U.N Lacquer launches Spring 2016 Collection and I’d like to share sparkling beauties from this collection with you. 

Here we have 6 shades named by spring flowers: Treasure Me Tulips, Spring Snowflake, A Garden Of Peonies, Siberian Squill, Rose Land and Bachelor's Button. I was thrilled about perfect matching of polishes' shades to the actual flower’s colors. I think this collection with great exactness shows us spirit and soul of spring nature with its bright and delicate colors and sparkling sunny raindrops.

The formula is pretty good and easy to work with, I used two coats for all swatches. Removing process can be a little bit complicated because of famous F.U.N Lacquer’s glitter particles, but thanks to them your mani lasts longer.

Treasure Me Tulips is a dark raspberry pink metallic with cold purplish undertone. Gorgeous sparkling holo shimmer and glitter are included.

Spring Snowflake is a bunch of holo shimmer and sparkling glitter particles in a clear base. As a huge lover of greens and glitters, I immediately fell in love with this refreshing shade.

A Garden Of Peonies is a warm pinky coral filled with fine mica shifting flakes, holographic shimmer and glitter.

Siberian Squill is a shifty lilac shade with fine blue holo shimmer and holo glitter.

Rose Land is a tender pink polish that contained lots of silver mica flakes, holo shimmer and glitter in a clear base. Pretty fresh and girlish shade.

Bachelor's Button is a metallic bluish turquoise-purple duo-chrome with fine holo shimmer and glitter. The most shifting shade in the collection.

Collection will be launched on March 5th, Saturday 11.30pm Singapore Time. Price for the bottle: 11,5 $. Don't miss out on your chance to grab these beauties! :)

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