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F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2017 Collection

F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2017 Collection has six polishes with two different textures — color-shifting glitters in a clear base and the same iridescent square micro glitter but with addition of irregular silver holo flakies.

For all swatches I used sponge application + 2 layers of top coat. Why two? When you use sponge to apply glitters, sponge itself soaks up almost all polish base. So if you like your nails really smooth, you’ll need to replenish this liquid that was absorbed in order to give you an opaque layer of glitter.

I personally prefer sponge application with such kind of textures. Yes, it’s a bit messy and you’ll need a liquid latex (my personal fave is Bow Skin Protect, it doesn’t dry out in the bottle whatsoever, but dries on the skin immediately), but this method will give you seamless glitter coverage fast and significantly reduce drying time (yes, even with 2 layers of TC).

Now, to the polishes (finally).

Jingle Bells (H) is a holo version of Jingle Bells from Christmas 2016 Collection. We have the same glitter shifts from green-gold to red here, but this time accompanied by rough holo flakes. I’m surprised that iridescence stays quite well visible, yes, muted by holo particles, but it’s still there.  

Magical has glitter that shifts from mossy emerald to cobalt blue with tons of lime green sparks in between.

Magical (H) contains the same glitter as the previous one with addition of holo. Huge amount of holo actually. It’s funny that nails look almost fuzzy in indirect light because of such dense concentration of holographic particles. 

Northern Lights (H) is a holographic version of Northern Lights from Christmas 2016 Collection. Such a stunning icy-frosty sparkler!

Red Velvet is probably my favorite one from this collection. Its shifts from deep crimson red through copper and yellow to crazy lizard green are fantastic! I also can spot deep blue on my nails in between all this magic, but unfortunately it was impossible to catch this on camera (you can see it in the bottle though).

Last but not least, Red Velvet (H) — addition of holo particles turns all the shifting features from Red Velvet into a crazy fireworks on your nails!

The upcoming Christmas 2017 Collection will be released on F.U.N Lacquer official website on Dec 16th but pre-order will start from Nov 25-28th and ship on Nov 30th!

Many thanks to F.U.N Lacquer for these little stunners that will definitely add some magic to winter holiday season!

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