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F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

Hi, guys! Today I’ll show you New Year 2017 Collection by F.U.N Lacquer.

I really enjoy the fact that this collection has nice range of shades which is filled with different cool stuff like holo glitter, shimmer and flakes. Even tho we have two purple polishes here, they’re completely different — you’ll see ;)

For all swatches I used two coats + top coat.

Magic Stone is a bright blue shade with a slight turquoise shift. It is filled with holo shimmer, square-shaped micro glitter and scatter flakes.

Evening Gown is a dark purple with astonishing linear holographic effect. Just look at this! :3

Happy Place is a deep green with a subtle teal undertone. Its jelly base is filled with tiny square holo glitter.


Just Dance is a rich raspberry red. It has pretty much the same filling as Magic Stone: holographic shimmer, micro glitter and flakes.

Tiara is a calm pink with soft holo effect. It was really tricky to catch this shade on camera, and I’m not sure if I was able to do it perfectly, but it’s very pretty in person.

Unicorn Island is a grape jelly filled with square holographic glitter. Sadly photos can’t really catch it, but this little guy is sparkly and rainbowy AF! Probably my fave one in this collection, but you have to see it in real life to fully admire its beauty.

Thank you F.U.N Lacquer for another great collection! You can purchase all the shades at F.U.N Lacquer official website or at stockist.

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